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Magic is Real

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Manifestation is Not About Getting Stuff or Gaining Supernatural Abilities. It is About Using Your Talents and Abilities To Build A Life in Congruence with Your Principles. That is The Only Reality That Will Make You Happy.

Symbols Help You Do That

The Secrets No One Wants to Hear Because They Shatter Safe, Comfortable World Views

Materialism Is a Lie. You are More Than What
Nihilistic Materialialism tells you you are.
Why do they want you to think that consciousness is just an emergent property of brain activity?

What about the idea that you are an eternal being born of light, and have the power to create a better life for yourself threatens them so muc
h that they reject it with vehemence and tirades of insults, and semantic arguments intended to discredit those who choose to believe there is more to being human than waking up, eating, working, shitting, sleeping for a lifespan, dying, Then NOTHING?

Read on and learn why SCIENCE, The God they claim to worship, proves them wrong

Symbols have hidden meanings. They represent concepts that are universal and are part of what Jung referred to as, The Collective Unconscious. As you read you will discover How the Collective unconscious actually does exist but it takes a little critical thinking and dot-connecting. We will see Instructions on how to create your reality in ancient texts.

We will see what the earliest Quantum physicists believed about reality and its origins, and we will touch on scientists applying scientific rigor to intuition and the entanglement of mind fields, a collective unconscious connection proving that there is no separation, that all is one, as is put forth in the most ancient Eastern Philosophies.

Do We Really Know What We Think We Know
Is There More to Our Existence Than We Can Possibly Imagine?
I have been involved in magic and the occult since my early 20s. I am now 61. I was involved with the Rosicrucian Fellowship for 15 years and rose to a high degree in my association with some sagacious people. During that time I learned many secrets. The secrets of manifestation are one that I can share. "The Secret" Touches on it but grossly misrepresents it. Also, as you read on you will find there is nothing supernatural about it.

Much of what we do in the fellowship as we learn about the secrets of nature and the universe is tempering the knowledge we gain with wisdom and humility. That is the purpose of the Master/Student Relationship of old and is continued in the legitimate branches of the various secret societies. Mine have been Armand, Marajit, Peter, and Al. My life now is an homage to what they taught me.

There are some unscrupulous people out there who have "blown the whistle" on Freemasonry and other organizations in a way that has not only been untrue but in some cases taught secrets to people who did not have the wisdom or humility to use that knowledge properly. They used that knowledge to gain power over others, unethically, and caused much harm.

I can tell you how amulets work and the principles of science that cause them to work. There is a story. Look at a flame. The coolest part of the flame is the top - it is red. This represents humanity, the collective unconscious; the world of ideas. The center of the flame is yellow/orange. This part of the flame represents you.
The base of the flame is the hottest and it is white. This represents God. This is where manifestation occurs. Your Brain is god (little "g"). Your brain, your attitude, the knowledge you gain, and the way you use that information are how you create your reality.
Also, the creation of your reality interacts with the way others create their reality. Most do it unconsciously but we all do it. Part of being conscious is being aware that you create your reality and taking control of the process. If you had as much faith in yourself as you did in a god, gods, or a person like Alistair Crowley just think how much you could create or how much more magick you could work.
How much more powerful could you be if your power was not so random? This is the true secret behind the power of secret societies and why this knowledge has been kept secret. However, so many bad people have become aware of that power and misused it that it is time to break the seals so good people can have a more inclusive stake in the creation of the future.
This is their secret. They do not want you to realize how powerful you really are. They are out there. We do not know who they are but we can see what is happening and we can see the evidence of what they are doing. The ones we do see are tools, but the planners and organizers never reveal themselves to anyone. Even most of the tools have no idea who they are.
They are people like The WEF, The darkly, powerful people influencing governments, and people who want money and power at any expense. They are the tools, the manipulated bishops and knights, the ones who can be sacrificed while the real powerful people continue to create a reality that is all about controlling and exploiting us, the pawns.
You do not think they know what I am about to reveal? Why do you think Jeffery Epstein had a temple on his island? What do you think they did there? His was just one small group of elitists, this is a worldwide secretive power structure of like-minded groups of people working toward a single purpose. They know the power of symbols and rituals, and it is not supernatural. It is just dressed up to look that way so you will think it is bullshit.
People are corruptible, they act unethically and create evil things and enact evil ideas so the gatekeepers kept this a secret. However, evil people have been aware of this for a long time. It is time for good people to realize their true power and push back. Why do you think mass hysteria is a real thing?
Our minds generate a field around us - that field interacts with other fields, our emotional states intermingle and wah-la, or abracadabra, if you will - we have a block party spreading joy or an organization that feeds the poor or builds homes for veterans or a riot spreading anger and destruction, community organizations, charities. People are stronger in groups than alone. This is why people join groups they feel are in alignment with their beliefs. Our energy fields interact and influence each other and give power to the group to create what one person cannot alone.
Check out this guy - he is applying scientific rigor to just this idea. Rupert Sheldrake. This is a presentation of his research - - These are his scientific papers - - This is the work of others testing theories, repeating experiments and working on these ideas. -

God (Big "G") is The consciousness that guides the universe; the energetic information source that imposes its will on the universal energy field creating the visible universe we interact with. It does not control everything, as a poor manager of a business does as he/she tries to micromanage every aspect of an employee's duties. Early quantum physicists like Planke, Bohre, Shrodinger, and Bohme believed this concerning The Copenhagen Interpretation in Quantum Mechanics. The following is as close as I can get to explaining.
Reality is an illusion. The eternal mind of the universe is an intelligent energetic being.  Many traditions call it the limitless light, pure light. Energy can store information ( a computer's memory), and light can transmit information (fiberoptics) to the energy field that permeates the universe using frequency (vibration). Everything vibrates.
The vibrational frequencies transfer the information as a mathematical code that creates a matrix (ever wonder why mathematics explains everything)  and forms everything we see, even us. In mystical Judaism, God speaks the universe into existence by intoning the sounds of the Hebrew letters. In India, the sound, Ohm, is the universal sound of creation, in meditation, you are creating what you meditate on.
You decide on a goal, your brain helps you achieve that goal by creating neuropathways that make working towards that goal automatic and helps you achieve it unconsciously. You still have to work at it, and the symbols in an amulet help keep you focused. Just look at it and think about your goal three times a day and your brain will do the rest.
We are refractions of that mind of that light energy as if through a prism. We create our reality with our energetic mind fields imposing our will, interacting with the mind fields around us and our purpose like Atman is to realize that were are one with Brahman, The mind that permeates the universe.-
God creates with energy, we create with physical reality and in some respects influence God to act on our behalf by unconsciously aligning with it. There are no coincidences, just unconscious random alignments, but what could we do if we could consciously align what we are with whatever God is? Rituals of all types help us do that. Magick really is real.
It depends on your perspective. School is a Ritual, Work is a Ritual, Saving for something is a ritual and the more you do it the better you get at it. That is the magical power of neuroplasticity. This is the science I am talking about.
Here, I know, Is where I am going to lose both the religious and those who believe in a supernatural being of some magickal tradition. What I am saying, though, is all gods are real. Whatever God you believe in is real because your prayers, your desires, and just asking, activates the whole manifestation process. You can do the same by believing in yourself. This is what Jesus meant when he said “Ye are gods
In that context YOU are God. It is all very rational and for some reason, people who believe in the irrational do not like being told their power is rational, real, and backed by science, and includes the power of imagination. Imagination is a tool for the creative process. All we have to do is use our imaginations consciously.
I do believe in a Deistic God. It just sets the stage, imposes the rules, and lets it go. It does not control or punish or demand justice. There is no sin, just making mistakes and learning from them. Our purpose is to become the best people we can be anf go on to whatever is next as consciousness is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change forms. Science is part of how we discover the laws that govern the universe and becoming conscious (becoming aware of the 7 hermetic principles) is how we influence what we create.
SYMBOLS ARE POWERFUL because they help us focus our intent and energy on a purpose. We work towards it and the more we work neuroplasticity takes over and helps us accomplish our goals.
1. Mentalism -everything is mind - The principle of mentalism states that the universe is akin to a mental projection. This is like manifestation 101, which is all about using your thoughts to shape your reality) 
2. The Principles of correspondence - above, so below, what starts in the brain manifests in your body and conversely, what starts in the mind manifests in your life.
3. everything vibrates - from the tiniest subatomic particle to mountain ranges, everything vibrates at a particular frequency. Everything is energy in one form or another.
4. The principle of polarity - The principle of polarity explains that seemingly opposite things are actually one and the same at varying degrees. In other words good/bad, hot/cold, all moods - everything exists on a continuum and where those qualities exist on those continua is shaped by our subjective experiences making us all the same and all different at the same time.
5. The Principle of rhythm - the fifth principle states that between the opposing poles, there exists an inherent rhythm. The tides move in and out. We inhale and exhale - even in politics - one party gets in control and makes policies, and eventually, another party gets in control and the policies swing back in the other direction.
6. The principle of cause and effect - Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized.
7. The Principle of Gender - Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine (active) and feminine (passive) principles and in line with the principle of polarity the masculine and feminine exist on a continuum - in humans, some men or women are more or less masculine or feminine.

God creates our reality out of energy, God is mind as we are minds that are refractions of God. Think of it as God shining his light through a prism ad we are the different colors of light emanating from that prism. This is not only repeated in the Eastern tradition of Brahman and Atman but the early Quantum Physicists like Shrodinger and Bohme, through their research, also felt this was what they were discovering.
We create by imposing our will on the physical world - we create a goal, we work toward that goal, we stay focussed until we gain all the knowledge we need, we create a plan of action, and we follow through with that plan until we succeed. if we fail we look at the failure, find out where we went wrong, and keep working toward that goal. I told you in the beginning, there is nothing supernatural involved and the caveat is, sorry to burst your bubble, it still takes work.

1. Something does not come from nothing. There is no such thing as instant supernatural creation out of nothing.

2. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be transformed according to your will.

3. It takes a clear intention, focus, hard work, and time. Sorry to burst your bubble if you thought this was going to be some kind of sales pitch for a shortcut to instant wealth and success. I am not a charlatan selling you a bill of goods because when you take the easy way you will always fail - why do you think magic gets such a bad rap?

4. You have to have confidence in yourself.
I am not Christian but I do believe in a Deistic way, in an intelligent source of reality that set the universe in motion and does not interfere but our energy field is entangled with other energy fields, with its energy field and we all influence each other at an energetic level.
"The Bible" is one of the most fantastic books of hidden occult knowledge. It has been abused by charlatans to make you believe you are a sinner and need salvation from eternal torment in exchange for your money and compliance. Please, for a moment, suspend your anger and resentment at the Abrahamic Religions and how they may have traumatized you.

Mark 11:24 - “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

God has created you with everything you need to do and achieve anything you put your mind to. You have the power and this is where science comes in. Your brain takes your intention, generates ideas, evaluates information, solves problems, and creates solutions and plans of action. THAT IS MAGICAL. You can do and have anything you put your mind to if you act as if you already have it. 

When you act as if you have it you will start noticing opportunities you never saw before because your brain will orient itself to help you achieve what you focus on. It is that simple. Forgive whoever has acted against you, harmed you, or mistreated you.

Cleanse your heart. resentment and revenge weaken your mind and distract you. Temper your desires with wisdom and humility. Do the right thing. If you do not know the right thing then you are not ready to succeed at your goal. resentments hinder your path and keep you rooted in the past rather than allowing your hope for a better future to motivate you to keep going forward. Do not let failure stop you. If at first, you don't succeed -  try, try again.
Then comes the shortcuts like selling your soul or making pacts with malevolent beings (the darker parts of your psyche - compromising your principles) or people who just want to use you. You may get a substantial reward but at what cost? It is kind of like cheating on a test, you may make a good grade but have you truly mastered the knowledge?

Matthew 6:25-34 “ - Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

I have died, twice, or was thought to have been dead. Before I joined the fellowship I lived a life of searching for truth but I also engaged in some very foolish behavior. Both times I experienced a benevolent presence and got the feeling that I had much to learn and that it was not my time.


It was the first time I truly felt what I have come to know is the truth. I am a part of God, That everything is one and my feeling of separation was an illusion of my incarnation into this physical form. There is nothing to worry about. Whatever happens, will happen and my consciousness will go on.

The second part of Math 25.29 - Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

When you come from a place of negativity and lack you will feel sorry for yourself, get angry at the failures that teach you the most significant lesson, take on a negative mindset, and become discouraged and abandon your quest.

You have all heard of the  (DARK) Illuminati. Do you think they waved a magic wand, worked a ritual and gained the mastery of the world they have today out of nowhere?
They decided what they wanted. They used symbols and rituals to stay focussed on their goals. They built a large fellowship of diverse people, trained them in these secrets, sought out positions of power and influence, and a few thousand years later look where they are. 

Where does the amulet come in? Symbols are concepts, representations of ideas, and principles, they keep you focused on your goals and your brain will help you do the rest without even trying. Your brain will notice opportunities that will bring you what you want and help you solve whatever problems you may face until you succeed.

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