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An Amulet is a tool

Do you really, in your heart, believe that God, or magick,   does not exist? Then just think!!!

How often have you prayed, which is the same as a spell (repeating a phrase to invoke the supernatural,)

and gotten what you asked for in defiance of the laws of nature?

In a world that is upside down and out of balance, one that glorifies science as the end all be all, which no one is allowed to question. Ask yourself this: Are all those coincidences really coincidences

The unexplainable is a real thing and unexplainable, illogical events that defy explanation occur every day.

The secret behind THE SECRET is not the intention, it is focus and persistence.

Ask in Faith. Know that your God, Goddess, Gods wants you to have what you want as long as you are responsible for your choice as he wants you to develop into a useful. responsible person.

Matthew 25:29
Part 1 - “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance."

(Asking in Faith believing it is already yours)

Does this mean it will appear in your presence out of nowhere? of course not but if you stay focused and believe it will come to you when the time is right and it will seem like a coincidence.

Part 2 - Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

(If you think you do not deserve it or that God does not want you to have it, then it will not be attracted to you)

Neuroscience teaches us that whatever the brain focuses on becomes easier to achieve over time

The symbol on the amulet or pendant helps keep your mind focused on your intent.

How To Use A Magikal Amulet or Pendant

Take off your amulet every night, look at it, and think about its purpose - Love, Healing, Prosperity, Success, etc...

Every morning, as you put it on, think about the same, and do the same midway through the day and at night before sleep.

When you Choose a Symbol; Choose the Symbol that Chooses You

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Triskellion (Cobalt Blue) The Seal of Solomon (Storm) The Hands of God (Mystic Jade) Triqetra (Woodland) Thunderbird (Boomin Blue) No to Demons (Amber) Moon &tar *Jade) Oroboros (Storm) Caduceus (Grape Divine)

The Eight School of Magick Pendant Set.

Enchantment, Conjuration, Abjuration, Divination, Filigree Cross, Illusion, Necromancy, Evocation, and Transmutation

The Color is Aventurine

The Helm of Awe (Rainforest) The Vampire Cross (Storm) Gothic Cross (Storm) Dragonfly (Rainforest) Magickal Maze (Rainforest) The Helm of Awe (Storm) Filigree Cross (Aventurine) Evil Ankh (Storm)

Above are the most popular designs and colors. Everything is available in every color or name your own Color and I will do my best to match..

Oder Here

Surrealist Clock Design Custom Piece
Plumb with Black Highlight

I Android Finished.jpg

Custom-made piece for the musician, iAndroid. The center Sigil is his own design. He is using it as merch to promote his song, "Whichy Witch".


The ceramic Portion of Gothic Style
Earrings and Pendants
Traditional Gothic Magenta

                       Amulets                                                Pendants   

Amulet Collage.jpg

All Amulets are available in all colors or multiple color combinations. They are Hung on a 6 mm Rollo, Gunmetal heavy chain 23" in length. 

Grid 12.jpg

The Cabochon Pendants are available in all colors. The settings include Stainless, Brass, Antique Brass, or Black with matching 2 mm chains.