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ATL Gothworks Productions
Another Thing I Enjoy 
There is nothing better in life than doing what you love.

I never thought of myself as an artist. My sister always told me, when I was a photographer, that I was the artistic one in the family but I always thought of art and being able to draw, paint and create works of original art. Then she got me started making my amulets and pendants and I got into custom work. and ceremonial accoutrements. But i always wanted to do more, to expand my horizons 

I Learned the Art of Video Production. 

If you like My interpretation of the music of these outstanding artists or if you enjoy my educational videos below please get in touch with me.

Music Videos

I can add footage I shoot myself or your video footage 
interspersed with high impact still images

Artistic Video Collage to add
to Commercial or Club Ambiance

Live Events

Instructional/Informative Videos

Atlanta Gothworks, Jewelry, New Age and Gothic Jewelry, Jewelry Manufacturer

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