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This Symbol is for Protection From Demonic Possession


God, The Devil, and Protection from Demons The Nature of True Evil



I would like to share some important information from my life and experiences. This is the first time I have ever shared this with anyone. I have made mention of little, unimportant tidbits but never with any context. However, I have been noticing a trend in the world and any doubts I may have had are no longer going to have any control over my timidness to talk about this topic as seriously as it needs to be addressed. This is more than an opinion. This is based on real experiences and verifiable information that are observable and tangible. Everything I will talk about is the absolute truth. I leave it to you to make your own decisions.


I know there are skeptics out there who will poo poo this out of hand and I do not blame them. If you have not had the experience, it is hard to believe. Atheists (None believers), although they say, I am not angry at God, I just don't believe, are lying. You can hear their anger when they talk about God and the belief of believers. They insult, call you ridiculous, and then comes the anger- "If God is all-knowing and all-loving and all-powerful, why does he allow little children to get sick with cancer and diseases, why does he allow child abuse - It is always "The Children". They will claim to be unemotional and logical and claim that science rejects the supernatural (which we will get into later). To me, their atheism is as much a religious argument as any believer.

Many of them misunderstand science and just parrot what they think are valid arguments from those who do have the intelligence to understand science. Those ignorant of science fallaciously treat science as their God, and the materialists they admire are the clergy who preach materialism, and empiricism as they decry the "supernatural" (which is not really supernatural, with "lack of evidence. I believe the claims they make are made out of ignorance because they are convinced, they can explain away the actual evidence (which we will get into as well) with absolute surety and confidence, which is born from their ignorance.

Science does not claim any scientific conclusion to be absolute, only what appears to be with the present evidence, which is limited by the ability to look. How many theories have had to be adjusted or abandoned when technology advanced to the point, we could measure what was previously immeasurable? Just because we cannot measure, and properly investigate the presence of a God at present because we do not have the tools or technology does not mean that someday we will not be able to. Based on the evidence from science this is an absolutely rational position.

Some Comments on The Brain and the Psychology of Obedience

Before recent times, the human brain was looked at as something that was hardwired to operate in prescribed ways. Then came MK-Ultra and Modern Neuroscience.  Because of those experiments, they discovered that the brail is programable and that programmability can be manipulated with the use of propaganda and drugs. They tried LSD and hallucinogens and found them to be unreliable, however, they did discover classes of drugs that could shut down emotion and alter brain function.


These would be antidepressants such as the SSRIs, which change the natural, balanced operation of the brain's neurotransmitter system and reorients it to a specific neurotransmitter, serotonin, by preventing the reuptake of serotonin leaving it in the synapse longer than it is the natural function of the brain would allow. However, there are many problems with psychiatry, Psychiatric drugs, the DSM, and the entire mental health industry.

Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer. It’s a chemical that helps with sleeping, eating, and digesting. Serotonin also helps reduce depression, regulate anxiety, heal wounds, stimulate nausea, and maintain bone. Learn more here:

The intent, they say, is to reduce depression but then came MK-Ultra. Notice that serotonin also regulates anxiety.  People naturally want to obey authority figures. This is not a bad thing; it helps keep society ordered. However, when people feel anxiety, they are more willing to be obedient. People want to be obedient because they want to belong to a group and fear ostracization. 

Propaganda is a great tool for manipulation. Propaganda tells you what the authority figures tell you most people believe and associate all kinds of negative qualities with non-compliance to "The Group". Now consider the ramifications of identity politics. If you don't agree with our position, you are Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or Transphobic. 

What does all this division do? It increases the level of anxiety in society. How does this relate to obedience? The more anxious people feel, the more obedient they become. The authorities start by offering simple rules to obey. Then they incrementally increase the number of rules and exaggerate the social consequences of disobedience. Now - look at what is happening - groups like BLM and ANTIFA are literally telling people that violence is justified to fight Racists, Sexists, Homophobes, and Transphobes. Even Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago issued a televised "CALL TO ARMS".

What is one of the key side effects of all psychiatric drugs? Akathisia. Akathisia is explained by drug companies as a movement disorder that causes restlessness but it is far worse than that - Restlessness is simply the condition or state of being restless or the inability to be at peace, still, or quiet. Akathisia, on the other hand, is described as a torturous sensation of restlessness where the person is unable to be still or sit down, or remain seated or motionless.,can%20also%20be%20caused%20by%20increased%20serotonin%20signals.

The literature also tells you Akathisia is caused by antipsychotics but it is actually a side effect of increased serotonin, which makes it also a side effect of antidepressants.

People think that only psychiatrists prescribe these serotonin-producing medications. However, over 80% of antidepressants are prescribed by general practitioners. and this was 2014. It is now 2022. As of 2016 - 21% of the world's population is on psychiatric medication - Which quite conveniently coincides with the rise of extremism.

So, what is the reality of the situation and SO, what does this all have to do with evil? Identity politics increases, Psychiatric medications increase anxiety, and anxiety makes you more obedient. What did Colonel Michael Aquino, director of psychological operations and devout Satanist say in his book?  Former high-ranking U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and self-professed Satanist, the late Michael Aquino, argued in his book, “Mind War” that mass mind control was a much more humane alternative to physical war. And people think the conclusions of people who connect the dots and think critically about what is happening is the result of mind control is a conspiracy theory. 


Our Federal Government has embraced identity politics. They have polarized people to the point of canceling those who disagree and condoning the use of divisive propaganda and sided with all the groups who are now openly advocating the use of violence to fight the racists, sexists, homophobes, and transphobes as an act of righteousness. They will bring up January 6th stating that right-wingers are violent, one incident, but totally disregard the over 500 riots of BLM and the violence used by ANTIFA - because those are justified uses of violence that fight injustice.

Our politicians take millions of dollars from pharmaceutical company lobbies, and at one time the general counsel of the FDA was a former general counsel for the pharmaceutical industry. Our government is using people's need for justice and vengeance, just as Christianity does. God will judge humanity and send all the evil people to Hell. They embrace the minority of radical followers of the new Identity politics movement, those who have the loudest voice in the democratic party (about 10%). They greenlight the expansion of reasons for and proliferation of psychiatric medication for more and more conditions with each writing of the DSM, which is not based on science. Even the writers of the DSM and many psychiatrists will tell you that DSM stands for "Diagnosis as a Source of Money". 1988 500 million per year - and in 2018 was over 70 BILLION all in an effort to increase fear, anxiety, and division in order to make people more obedient.

My Near-Death Experiences 


I have been thought of as dead twice from overdoses. I had to be resuscitated both times. I can tell you my impressions of something greater than myself were not like a drug-induced hallucination. In a drug-induced hallucination, there are two primary emotions present, Euphoria and Fear. The visual impressions are somewhen confusing and bizarre.

When I experience the presence of something greater than myself there was none of that. I felt calm and peaceful, there was no euphoria. There was no confusion. There was a clarity of thought. I did not see a tunnel or a white light. I was not floating above my body, moving toward a tunnel, or anything like that. I just had the impression that there was something there causing me to feel it was not my time to die.

One happened in my early 20's and the other in my early 30's. In spite of them, I had a lot of issues with the brain injury that caused me a lot of confusion and anger. I spent much time searching religions, drifted into the occult, practiced magick, rose to a high degree in a secret society, and found all of it lacking.

Recently I have come into contact with a group of believers, who in spite of the harsh treatment they received including insults and attacks, of which I was one - some are completely unperturbed. Most try to prove the Christian God or are obsessed with their religion but very few seem to me to be very sincere and I respect them for that.

As I have said I was born and raised Catholic and had a lot of other experiences with other denominations and religions as well as education in occult literature from the days when Science and Magick were not at odds. The Work of Henry Cornelious Agrippa has impressed me to most. For him, Science was used to explore the majesty of God. Magick was about using his knowledge of those discoveries as confirmation of his faith.

I have recently returned to the world of belief, although I am not Christian as I have some objections to the way the teachings of Jesus have been corrupted to make a control mechanism, which is what a religion is. However, if one loves God, does unto others as he would have others do unto him, and realizes his mistakes and tries to rectify them, which is doing the good works that demonstrate their faith that is all they need.

All the other morally ambiguous rules and theological justifications are written by and forced down our throats by men who want to control behavior by exploiting the teachings of Jesus and making up a need for Justice, Retribution, Eternal Punishment, and Condemnation. I do not accept that.

God and the Scientific Evidence for an Objective Source of Reality

Let's talk about the Fibonacci Sequence and The Golden Ratio. Then I would like to talk about our perception of reality vs. the fact that reality is nothing but a probability wave, that when observed, takes shape according to our expectations but is composed of particles that constantly change and pop in and out of existence and the fact that no two people see exactly the same thing. We all even experience colors differently.


Then we can talk about the brain - how it generates ideas out of the imagination when we want to solve a problem, from where no one can really explain, that can be tested and either approved or rejected. If accepted we can act on those ideas and once, we find a set of ideas that work together into some kind of system, we work on it and as we do, the brain creates neuropathways to make accomplishing the tasks we come up with easier. We also have the ability to reprogram our brains at any time to give us hope that the seemingly impossible is possible.

That, for me, is true magick - that we were created to create, or made in God's Image.

I recently read a website that stated all this and then mocked and insulted these ideas as evidence but did not offer any explanations as it ridiculed the idea that there is anything like a God - That atheistic anger all those atheists say they do not have.


They are also dishonest. They say, Atheism is not a disbelief in God, it is just a position that has no opinion on the existence of a God as they insult believers for believing in anything as ridiculous as a "Sky Daddy". Then they start pointing out that IF there was a loving, merciful God why does it allow children to suffer and start ranting about how cruel God is. Sounds to me like they are like children winning about how daddy does not do things the way they want him to.

Draw your own conclusion.

It seems that our universe is made up of mathematical precise repeating patterns. How was the observable universe formed? The most accepted theory is that all the matter in the existing universe somehow came together into an infinitesimally small ball of mass, which expanded into this every expanding system of stars, planets, and other bodies drawn together by gravity and other forces into star systems, and things like meteors and comets and other bodies that travel through our universe colliding with other objects, forming more chaos and it just goes on and on with no beginning, as modern science is now postulating that it was already there, when just do not know in what form it existed because we cannot presently move beyond the barrier of plank time.

Sorry, it sounds a lot like God did it to me. Now it may be fallacious to say - We don't know, God did it, but it is equally fallacious to say - We don't know, but God, certainly did not do it.

What is the purpose of life? Who knows - but I do know we all find purpose in expressing our will and doing the things we like to do. We find purpose in our work. We find purpose in helping those accomplish things they do not know how or do not have the skills to do. Some of us find purpose in using our abundance in order to create things that bring joy, happiness, or a better life to others.


The Devil 

The devil is the side of ourselves that tells us we can't. It is the side that tells us - it is useless to try, then tells us to play the victim and whine and cry, which does nothing but make us sadder, and angrier, and makes us cry louder. The louder we cry the more people do not want to deal with us and we grow more isolated or seek others as miserable as we are, which makes us feel better for a little while till we start hating those like us and start turning on them because all the happy people want nothing to do with them and even those that once sympathized start turning away unless they join them. The ever-widening circle of social isolation, and obsessing on negative thoughts; The very definition of depression. The world needs a massive dose of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We are living through the best times ever - Why are so many choosing to follow all the negativity?

The Presence of Evil

What is the truest evil? The truest evil is the kind of evil that sneaks its way in by convincing you it is good. Look at all the norms that made the world a wonderful place with clear boundaries that we could all agree on were mostly acceptable by most people. There is, of course, no such thing as the perfect society of perfect fairness, in fact, fairness, the expectation of it, is a logical fallacy.

So, what do we see now presented in the media every day? I am from this group, I am marginalized, I am from that group, I have been marginalized. The more marginalized groups one belongs to give them status as the most victimized. 

These people have gained power in our society but how do they use it? They cancel those who do not agree with them. They whine and cry, - then usurp the responsibility of parents to raise their children and teach them about things they have no right to be teaching children about, they brag on a popular app about "I taught this preschooler this it that and I will not tell their parents because the child will not feel safe. One I saw actually said this "I just experienced gender euphoria when a 6-year-old boy told me he was a girl and wanted to talk to me about my sex life with my wife" What right does a first-grade teacher have talking to a 6-year-old about sex? That used to be called pedophilia grooming, or at the least, creepy.

DA's all over the country are giving pedophiles much lighter sentences than ever before as exemplified by our newest supreme court justice. They are letting violent offenders into our society with no bail, and murderers as well. Mass and School shootings are through the roof as those in power blame a hunk of metal that needs a crazy person behind it to make it work. They refuse to blame the decline of mental health and the rise in the prescribing of psychiatric drugs that, as ween above, cause extreme anxiety and increased potential for violent acting out.

This is all going on right before our eyes.


The real practical solutions, actually using retired military and law enforcement supplied with metal detectors to screen kids before they enter the school and creating one controlled point of entry is ridiculous.


They say, to confiscate guns, which would create a more prolific black market, and Universal Background Checks, a meaningless term because if some has not had trouble with the law or been classified, legally, as a danger to themselves or others, will not show up on a background check no matter how many times you run one or if you label it a background check or a universal background check. They want all this stuff that sounds good because they want power, not solutions.


They do not want to solve problems. In fact, letting criminals and murders out with no bail and ignoring the rise in violence in some mentally ill individuals seems to me to be making matters worse. So where do you see evil? Please write to me in the contact section and let's have a rational debate. Be prepared because if you just want to spew hatred like most of you who disagree do, your message will be tossed.


Demons, for the individual, are unbalanced thoughts and overindulgence in unhealthy ideas or negative thinking patterns. These kinds of things cause one to feel like the world is not a safe place, leading to isolation, which complicates those disturbing issues because isolated people do not have a healthy support system of people around them to keep them oriented in reality. CBT, REBT, Interpersonal and other positive attitude-based therapies, and encouragement from peers can fix this much better than medications with terrible side effects that actually make the negative aspects of "mental Illnesses" worse.

Demonic Possession

In the Middle Ages, there were those who worked with symbols, necromancers, who could show people a symbol, or put curses on people by giving them a symbolic object convincing them they were cursed or possessed. You could use voodoo dolls and other representations made with hair, nails, and blood from another, convincing them of being cursed or possessed.

Demon Possession is simply people being easily influenced by charismatic individuals who use manipulation as a tool to get what they want from others. Demon Possession can also be caused by the presence of a mental illness causing people to behave in ways that seem strange to "normal" people or cause them to act violently for a variety of reasons.

However, in recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of requests for exorcist priests in The Catholic Church and charismatic protestant ministers. There are psychologists who see exorcism as a valid treatment for mental illness because they are successful, which I find very interesting and compelling as I will know the power of the mind and how it can deceive.

I see people who believe all kinds of things these days and have no ability to think critically. I will never understand how anyone can just take the word of government officials and obviously biased news media without even batting an eye.

A symbol of protection can be a powerful tool to help someone who strongly believes they have been possessed. A symbolic amulet imbued with the magic of a binding ritual may be an option before hiring an exorcist if psychiatry and psychology fail because of the strength of the person's beliefs.

Binding Demonic Influence

 As with Demon Possession and exorcism, a mind is a powerful tool that can be manipulated with beliefs. Always see a psychologist first. Make sure you find them the best help you can.

However, if all else fails please feel free to contact me.

I can make an amulet and send a video of a binding ritual just for them. It may help break the hold of the irrational beliefs influencing them.

I can also come to do the ritual in person. A binding ritual is similar to an exorcism and it all depends on the strength of a person's beliefs.


As a last resort, I can evaluate the situation. If I feel it is beyond me you can refer to an exorcist in the Catholic Church. I do not trust these protestants; they are show ministers. I think they are ego-driven and full of malarky. In Catholicism, it really is a matter of faith.

If you do call me for a consultation - Do not tell the person where you got my information or mention this essay. The power of belief is very strong and a convincing role is extremely important.

They have to believe that what I am doing will work. The same applies to the amulets. The power of the mind is much more than you think it is and a person with irrational beliefs strong enough to convince them they are possessed or cursed cannot be broken with rational means. I also have an unshakable faith that God will do his part in that he already has.

The Truth of Salvation 

I know Christianity is popular. I know many, good, Christian people. I also know good pagans, and Satanists (most do not actually worship Satan) and follow an ethical form of hedonism based on consent. I know good Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, Sikhs, and other religions. God is the God of all religions, revealed to different cultures in different ways.

Anyone who thinks a human sacrifice is acceptable to God, and a host of bread and gulp of wine turn into the flesh and blood of Jesus (Cannibalism) will lead to salvation, well, there are all kinds of irrationalities in religions.


Of course, I want to sell my jewelry because it is beautiful. It can be worn casually or formally. It is great for gifts and for retailers - they sell like hotcakes and are high quality, hand-made, and competitively priced. Also - if you understand my take on magic and possession and binding all depending on the power of the mind, as well as our innate, God-given ability to create a world, for ourselves in line with our will by giving us a brain we can hack and use to achieve almost anything we want if we recognize and grasp the opportunities available to us.

I make a big deal of the mystical use of amulets and symbols. I talk about magick and religion because they are interesting topics. However, I am no charlatan seeking to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

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