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There Are Four Products

The prices are: 

1. The Classic Amulet - $24.99 f (1 3/8" by 1 3/8" round)

2. The Cabochon Pendant - $26.99 (1" by 1 1/2" oval)

3. The Hybrid 3d printed amulet Laminated onto a porcelain Bezel - $35.99 (Large 1 1/2" by 2" Oval)


4. Custom-Made Rosaries - $45.00

Rosaries are made from Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Onyx, Malachite, Tiger's Eye, Hematite, or Rose Quartz - The crucifix is glazed and fired porcelain of a complementary color to the stone chosen.

Have Questions? or 404-804-6043

We work with All Symbols, Religious or Cultural

The new default color for the amulets will be magenta

The pendants will be black with a magenta highlight

The hybrids will be Black on Crimson

Or Crimson on Black

Other colors are available by special order.

Keep Scrolling down 

At Atlanta Gothworks, we work hard to deliver a unique customer experience. We believe in ‘old-school’ service; treating our customers the way we believe family should be treated.  We are ready to help you before, after, and even if you do not buy.

We want to be your trusted friend for information about your chosen symbol. We want you to know we can be relied upon for honest and helpful guidance while helping you navigate our selection of occult, religious and cultural designs.

Let us help you find the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or yourself. Atlanta Gothworks proudly invests in inventory and has the most extensive stock selection in the occult, religious and cultural pendant industry. If you need it, we have it ready and available or it can be made for you at no extra cost. Each item can also be customized for you in a variety of ways.

Contact me at 404-804-6043

Choose from the gallery below or Email me for a custom design

Custom-made promotional amulets for iAndroid - a Musician out of New York to promote his song
"Witchi Witch"
Filigree Cross - Color - Aventurine
The Scarab Beetle
Midnight Blue/Amber and Jade.
The Eye of Horus
Cobalt Blue
The Helm of Awe - Color Storm
The Evil Ankh - The Ankh is not normally a symbol of evil but eternal life. This one has sharp, pointed Edges.- Storm


There is a huge selection in the gallery below, all those items have molds already made and I am in the process of preparing over 200 new designs.


The default color will be Classic Gothic Magenta unless otherwise specified

and will come hung on a 6 mm Rolo Gunmetal  Chain.

Cabochon Pendants come hung on a 2mm standard chain

How To Fill Out The Form Below

​In the description field, you get 1000 characters to describe your order.

1. Choose your design from the gallery below

2. Choose the size

3. Choose the shape of the Amulet. - Round, Square, Rectangle, hexagonal, teardrop

Or choose the cabochon setting, Stainless, Brass, Antique Brass, Black

4. Choose your color or colors (up to 3) - Classic Gothic Magenta on Black (More below)





More Colors - Storm (Swirly Blue (in the pictures above), Rainforest (dark green), Jade (light Grenn) Silver, Gold, Plumb, Black, Red, or multiple colors (A maximum of 3) per your specifications such as a scarab below you can have separate colors for the base, the body, and the wings. 

Black Background, Amber Wings and Body, Jade Head

After submitting the form you will be directed to the payment options.

Price will include tax and shipping

After I get a sizable inventory of stock items made I will be able to direct you to a variety of simple shopping pages like Etsy and 
Amazon. As for now, everything is made to order.
 I will send a picture of a proof for your approval.

Your amulet will be perfectly made to your order or will be reworked till it is perfect.

Magenta On Black
This is where the order form was. Now you just choose what you want from the gallery below and email me.

There will also be a link to my Etsy store so you can see what is available for immediate purchase.

I just finished developing the products and am in the process of making the first ones that will be available for weekly sale on Etsy.
If you do not see what you want in the Etsy store you can order from the gallery at the bottom of the page

I do not mass produce. I make each item, individually with care.

If you order from the gallery below I will send you an invoice from Square or PayPal.

Gallery of Stock Items to choose from or Create your Own Above - 1000 characters.
Below is a gallery of pictures, not an online store. Click the picture to see the meanings of the symbols.
New pictures and items coming starting in January.

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