Hoodoo - Chapter One - WHAT IS MAGICK? part 2.

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Getting Started: Before you will be able to make any of the charms or do any of the rituals as taught in this book, you will need a place to do them. This should be a place that is quiet, a place where you can be alone without fear of being disturbed. If you have your own bedroom, use it. The best place to use is the attic, What b Magick? / 3 basement or a spare room where people living in the house do not enter often. Some of the rituals given in this book will take several days to complete, and they must remain undisturbed until then. [Noise is something you should try to eliminate as much as possible. The sound of a radio or stereo playing, the television blasting away, traffic on the street, even the voices of people talking loudly, will hinder your success in your rituals. All these outside disturbances only serve to take your undivided attention away from your ritual work. I would also like to add, unplug the telephone.

You will need something to use as an altar to do your ritual work on. Actually, you can use anything—a wooden box, a coffee table, a board resting on cinder blocks. Most people prefer using the top of their chest of drawers, using the top drawer to store away their ritual supplies. On each corner at the back of your altar you will place a white candle. These will be known as your altar candles. The altar candles are traditionally lit in the following order: the candle on your left, first, and the candle on your right, second. If you like, you may cover your altar with a cloth. Your altar clothes should be white. Some people, including myself, like to put flowers on their altar. Flowers tend to remind us of the beauty that is in nature. If you are going to use flowers on your altar, please use fresh cut flowers and not artificial ones. Refer to the basic altar layout

Many people like to add religious figures or pictures as a part of their altar arrangement. It is not necessary but if you want to do so, these are placed in back of the altar between your altar candles with your incense burner placed in front.

Since incense will be used in all the rituals, you will need an incense burner. If you cannot find an incense burner in the shops in your area, you can make your own. Any noncombustible, heat resistant dish or bowl the size of a cup will do fine. This should be half filled with earth or sand. The earth or sand will absorb the heat generated from the burning incense

and will prevent scorching your altar. The recipes for making the incense used are given in Part 11 of this book. In the rituals we will be using various colored candles. Each color has been given its own vibratory influence. Since only the color is important, it makes no difference as to the size or shape of the candle. The colors we will be working with and their vibratory influences.

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by Ray T. Malbrough 1994 Llewellyn Publications St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0383, U.S.A

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