Newsletter and new defaults on my Amulets

As some of you know I have a newsletter that goes out 2 - 4 times/month to promote my client, Alvin Harrison of CanTune Records out of Cancun, Mexico who takes older songs he has written or music from other genres as with his R&B song, "Time is Change" - and AC/DC's "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" - and converts them into music for Dance Clubs. he has had quite a bit of success there and with DJ's who like what he does.

I am also announcing the new default color - Traditional Gothic Magenta

Another default will be a selection of heavier chains like the 6mm Rolo Open Link Gunmetal Chain

I now carry amulets for The 8 schools of magick - Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Necromancy, Illusion, Abjuration, and Transmutation. I have the 10 major seals of Solomon as well as the 72 Dominic Seals and Sacred Geometrical Designs.

They are made from porcelain, glazed, and fired to a beautiful finish, AND - In December I will be offering 3D printed jewelry of all kinds at half the price of the amulets and pendants.

All Items ship free and there is no tax added as I cover both on my end. I consider your business a privilege, and my customer service is second to none.

Now, take a moment and relax with one of my relaxing videos - this one is for meditation. I make high-quality videos for setting an ambiance in your yoga or meditation studio. I make music videos and instructional videos as well as research videos, and commercials and do live events.

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