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We have increased Our Client's Spotify listening by 2,883%, and his streams are up 33,008% 


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Unlimited video production for your music, 10 social media posts per day to our team's Social Media Networks, Pictures, Graphics, Articles, Video Interviews, Email campaigns, inclusion in my newsletters, Professional Digital Marketing Services for Your Music and Merch, and Advertising in industry publications. Pick and choose packages to keep costs down.



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We understand how difficult it can be to break into the music industry and that's why we're here to help. With years of experience and a proven track record of successful campaigns, we'll ensure that your music reaches the right ears and gets the recognition it deserves.

Our dedicated team of experts will work tirelessly to promote your music to key industry players, including radio stations, music blogs, and record labels. We'll help you build a strong online presence, develop targeted marketing strategies and social media campaigns, and provide you with invaluable industry insights and contacts.

Whether you're an up-and-coming artist or an established musician, we'll tailor our services to your needs to ensure that your music reaches your target audience and gains the exposure that it deserves.

So if you're serious about taking your music to the next level, look no further than our top-notch music industry publicity services. With our help, your music could be the industry's next big thing!

We work with Pictures, Videos, Graphics, Merchandising, and Stories from and relevant to your life and career to help you create a mental image in the minds of potential fans. People buy the music and merch of people they feel they know and like. Why do you think the image makers charge so much for what they do? IT WORKS


My digital marketing team has a wide reach worldwide. Ask Alvin, he was telling me today how his music streams and following are blowing up. We make suggestions but ultimately follow your plan. We do not claim to know more than you about your business, we just use our marketing expertise to help you succeed.



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All you need is 100 true fans to make 50,000 to 75, 000/year from your music and merch. A true fan is one who feels like they know you and buys everything you put out (Music and merch). My amulets make fantastic, highly profitable MERCH. $7.00 per piece for musicians and you can sell them for $25.00 at shows.

Amulet Designed by: iAndroid, a musician in NYC who has been going strong since the 70's

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for Cantune Records

My association with Alvin Started in 2015

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CanTune Records, Cancún, Mexico's premier studio and label, is on fire with close to 14 million plays!! !CanTune Records is a private label that produces a variety of genres. Rock, Pop, EDM, R&B, and some undefined styles...but all are unique music we like and produce.

Obviously, the artists you hear on the label and I hope you will like it too. Alvin Harrison, the labels guiding force says "I love all kinds of music… And I'm happiest when I'm in my studio working on tracks. There's nothing more gratifying than finishing a track… Post it on SoundCloud and other venues… And have people enjoy it.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world ,,, And have the good fortune to do what I love, create music." Hopefully you will stream songs you like on Spotify and other streaming services, so we can make a little to support our efforts. But ...our main goal is to create music that you will enjoy...we do not chase the flavor of the week...we seek to give you something different.

The music business is continually changing. New distribution models…and the internet offers new and varied ways to reach an audience.


CanTune Records is redefining the way music is developed, produced, and marketed. Alvin Harrison is the heart and soul of CanTune Records. After being in a few bands Alvin decided that format did not work for him. A band must not really stray too far from their ¨sound¨.


He formed CanTune to develop a new method of creating his music and avoid the rigid corporate structure of the big record companies. This format allows him to play all the different genres he desires and work with anyone who he feels can enhance whatever type of song he writes.


CanTune Records and Studio is based in Cancún Mexico…adjacent to its world-famous beach. The studio is small but utilizes state-of-the-art equipment. The location makes for a relaxed and informal atmosphere that doesn’t interfere with the creative process. Alvin Harrison writes and produces CanTunes music. He also is a Multi instrumentalist and singer.


I am Alvin Harrison, and I am CEO of Ad Club Advertising and owner of CanTune Records I have known Michael for many years, and I have gotten to know him quite well. During our time working at CanTune Records together, he has shown me what a hard-working individual he is.


While I worked with Michael, I got to learn about his strengths, talents, and skills. I was particularly impressed with his ability to complete tasks on a timely basis. His ability to do this was so impressive because he could create simply stunning marketing materials within a day of work, with minimum design instruction.


 If you have any questions about Michael's abilities or experiences with me, please contact me. I am more than happy to further discuss why I can confidently say he will make a good fit for this opportunity.

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Review For: Bad Mary

I became aware of these guys 3 years ago. They are outrageous!!

I watched them on social media as they touted their tour of Japan which was wildly successful from what I was seeing.

Mary – You can’t keep your eyes off her – Yes, she is hot, but she is so fun – so energetic!

The backup musicians “Gel” – Everyone thinks Punk is just about screaming and banging on those three chords – Ha Ha – they are right!! Back then, Punk was.

Bad Mary has turned Punk into an art form, yet has not abandoned the original spirit of the music – What they have done is capitalize on a contemporary music genre that has had a huge effect on the entire Music Industry that has been so profound it will be many years before we will see the full effect of Punk on the music-loving community.

Because – Punk is a movement – as to grows and morphs into new forms and as other genres use punkish elements in their music – Like “Snail Mate” – We will meet them soon -new punkers join the movement and it morphs again.

Therefore, I love the music Industry – it just gets better and better because – Ultimately – You are what the music is all about for me!!!

Here Are Some of the Stories We Have Created

Reviews For: The Blindfold Experience

The Blindfold Experience – “FLY”

The Blindfold Experience is not the name of an artist or even a group. The Blindfold Experience Started a Musical Journey in Sweden, The Musicians involved had never met. I the words of, Michael Lind, the lead conspirator. Each track, “travels across the globe at a steady BPM to a Dream team of hand-picked musicians and singers” from Sweden, The UK, The US, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, Cypress, Germany, Iceland, India, Poland, and Ukraine.

I love, “Fly”. It is an instrumentally and lyrically moving piece describing what we all seem to feel, lost, and separated from those around us, “Your heavy heart, soul torn apart, your darkest fears come out at night when you’re alone”.

Ironically enough – The hope in the song is – “Just remember this, one day you will fly again.”

And how do we get our wings? Surrender. – “When the worlds collide, there’s a rising tide so hard to fight, as you give in, you’re whole at last.

It always amazes me how musicians can recognize what is going on and offer the simplest of solutions through their music without the benefit of advanced degrees and tons of double-talking experts who seem to contradict each other.

The world is not a fair place to live. It never has been and the sooner we accept that and do what we can for ourselves, even though others might not like it, we all need to feel self-esteem and self-love and self-respect. We all need to “Fly”.


The Blindfold Experience – “Strangers Unkind”

The Blindfold Experience is not the name of an artist or even a group. The Blindfold Experience Started a Music Journey in Sweden, The Musicians involved have never met. I the words of, Michael Lind, the lead conspirator. Each track, “travels across the globe at a steady BPM to a Dream team of hand-picked musicians and singers” from Sweden, The UK, The US, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, Cypress, Germany, Iceland, India, Poland, and Ukraine.

Music is a wonderful thing because it takes on topics that are current in time and affects a great many people. Toxic Relationships have always been around. It is part of being human. However, for some reason relationships seem to be getting more toxic with technology, and escaping from the stresses of everyday life is getting more difficult.

Strangers Unkind speaks to me of the way humanity seems to be reacting to all the stresses we face today with the 24-hour news media blowing human conflicts out of proportion with sound bites and groups of people acting “unkinder” to “strangers” based on the assumptions we form about each other because of the way certain groups of people are portrayed.

“Words are still ringing in my ears, although the years have passed us by, wounds may have healed, but still we’re scarred, scarred for life, we are.”

The Instrumentals are dark, obscure, and eerie, accentuating the feeling that our darkest emotions are being manipulated by a society blinded by its own hypocrisy as it rejects truth for spin.

Review For: Funhouse Mirrors


Technology can be a wonderful thing. It is so much better to do a review after meeting those one is reviewing. These guys are smart, funny, sarcastic, and serious about their music, which examines societal norms and pokes fun at the nonsensical, self-destructive corporate capitalist mindset that seems to rule the world.


Funhouse Mirrors began in February of 2019, they are - Johnny Weiner on Guitars and Vocals, Evan Shepard on drums, percussion, and vocals, Dan Centeno on Keyboards and Vocals, and Chris Ochoa on Bass. I love the way these guys work together and after talking with them and seeing their process I knew these guys were capable of big things.


Here are some examples from their latest songs from their album, "Coloring Book" Venetian Lounge is and those in our society who are self-destructive, narcissistic prima donnas surrounded by drama who use others for their own benefit. Fictional Friend is about the difference between Love and Obsession.


"Ancap Paradise" was written by Evan and is a look at what the corporate world would look like the corporations were not retrained by laws and regulations. Loophole is about hiding who you are from the world for fear of how others may judge you, and We Killed Rover is about the fall of Net Neutrality. All making the band socially relevant. Then there is Dark - about killing a psychotic killer baby that cannot be stopped.


Gate is totally off the wall, it is a retelling of a scene from Monty Python’s, “Quest for the Holy Grail" and "Otsuchi" talks about the destruction from an Earthquake and Tsunami. Deleted Rebel is about a dystopian state where people cannot one be disappeared but erased from memory and Landfill is about living in a society that drives people to suicide and does nothing to correct itself as it mourns the victims of suicide.


Their sound has mainstream appeal as does their look, which is young and fresh, intellectual, and farcically funny. Their creativity and concern for our future keep them relevant, searching for solutions as they address the absurdity of it all with sarcastic humor.

I like the image portrayed in those pictures of you four leaning backward in an animated walk. Great Photography. I saw that and knew Larry and you guys were looking for more than I could offer as far as getting the right publicity to reach your goals but I would like to be involved in helping you develop as performers. I think we connect on an intellectual and idealistic level and I would like to give you the benefit of my experience and expertise in adapting to life in a unique way.

Review For: Electric Mud


The great composers of the great symphonies and baroque masterpieces always had a theme, like Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Wagner – The Valkyrie – Ride of the Valkyries, or Verdi – Messa Da Requiem. Of late I can think of Pink Floyd – The Division Bell, The Wall, and Rush 2112.   The most memorable pieces of music always had a theme, a guiding principle that drove the uniqueness of the sound.


Now we have, and the very name of the composer, the humility of it, yet it screams greatness in its own, ubiquitous way the way great names always have. I present to you – Electric Mud. I first saw it and it just caught my eye and made me say to myself, with a name like that I have got to give this a listen.


Their new album is a masterpiece of thematic excellence, Quiet Days on Earth.


Rooted in the classic prog era of the 70s the studio project-duo Electric Mud takes a step forward into the great unknown of instrumental territory sublimely combining styles like post-rock with neo-classical elements and Berlin school. The goal in mind is to offer a varied, fresh sound, a surprising genre mix, and a strong emotional impression. And to honor our heroes: We are standing on the shoulders of giants!


Man is fear. Man is abandoned. Man is despair. Ruthlessly it goes down. To the deepest lowlands. Every story is another agonizing twist on this spiral of decline.


It is true – These days it seems like mankind is descending into the pit – YET, our beautiful planet, or what is left of it looks even more beautiful because man’s presence has destroyed so much of what was once pristine and untouched, that which is left is that much more rare and stunning.


The beautiful, expansive, Piece of music with classical guitar work, a deep heartbeat pounding backbeat. Its somber and haunting melodies make you mentally step back in awe of creation and puts our own insignificant presence on this planet in perspective.

Review For: No Mad

Funk Rock Band, London

Song, "Motions in Black"

No Mad contacted me out of the blue about three weeks ago. I looked and I was impressed. I particularly liked the song Motions in Black. Lyrics can be meaningful, or nonsense. serious, fun, sad, hopeful, or whatever but sometimes an instrumental just does not fit the lyrics.

That is not the case here. Not only did I find the lyrics compelling, but I also love the guitar work. The music fits perfectly with the mood of the lyrics, sad and regretful, a song of lost love – you know – Motions in Black -the feeling you get when you realize you lost something you can never replace. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing he or she is not there next to you. That feeling of loss that makes your heart ache, that feeling of aloneness like you are on a desert island, alone and you feel like you will never have that feeling of happiness again.

However, I like to see the bands perform, live if possible. So, I went to their channel and I found a live performance of “Motions in Black”. I watched a soulful performance. I could see the sincerity in their faces, I could feel the mood. I saw the nuances of their interactions with the audience, and I saw the audience reaction and I knew they had a hit.

Review For: Luna Rosa’s “Corrugated Steel”

Corrugated Steel, A new song by the band – Luna Rosa!!!

Luna Rosa – I have been following these guys since 2015 when they just kind of popped up on social media. I don’t even know if they were aware of my presence. They began as a band back in 2015 and I have seen them working very consistently ever since – They are always performing and have gathered a huge – loyal fan base.

Their music – in general, is very good, very entertaining, contains a real message, and is very professionally performed.

Now – about Corrugated Steel!!! – I will call it: Social Commentary. The song talks about the disparity between what we see on TV and in the media about how good life is, and how humanity is shown in this glowing, wonderful picture of how great life is.

AND THE HUGE DISCONNECT between that image and the life most of us are relegated to by the corporate masters and the governments who lie – cheat and steal from the people who make their huge profits possible and the governments who are in cahoots with them to make things appear better than they are in order to give us confidence in The System so they can get into our pockets.


This is music for the common man and woman – the real people who see beyond the farce and work hard every day to keep themselves afloat on a sinking ship. The corporate culture values exploitation while giving back very little. They get Concrete and Glass while we get Corrugated Steel.

Review for the song: Rheacycle!

I love getting reviews like this, the whole album. Going through an album, enjoying the music, listening to the lyrics, talking to the artists about the intent and ideas behind the creation. The album's name is Rhea cycle Rhea - Right Here Everything's all right, Cycle – Keep Moving. For me there is nothing more special than being made privy to the creative process of musicians.

I do not care if I like the music or not – there are those who do and they are the ones who matter. My opinions are only that. However, this album, this musician, and these songs create a story. "Becca" is a character that originated from a short-film idea derived from James Ethington III's active imagination. Not only is James a musician, but he is also a filmmaker. I envy this man’s talent. I do not envy in a negative sense; I envy that people like James Ethington III can bring so much joy to the world. He makes the world a better place for everyone who listens, even for a moment.

Spread love, Peace, and Soul – Looking forward. It is a song of hope for everyone. Keep moving forward, do not dwell on the past. Make your world a better place for everyone by caring for others. I always find that when I can get out of my own head and find empathy for others, identify with their hardships and pass on something encouraging it not only makes their world better but mine as well.

The second song – Becca, speaks for itself. He is dreaming of a past relationship as he relates the dreams, we all have of the glory days, the days from our past that have made a lasting impression on our lives. This song and the entire album are so relatable.

Song number three – Art of My Life – His love is not only someone who shares his life but is such an integral part I genuinely believe he could not be a complete person without her. I get the feeling that the canvas of his life would be empty without her.

Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy, what a name for a song. The song is about the joy his lover brings to his life and the things about her that attracted him to her. She is his everything and is that not what your lover should be to you? Isn’t it amazing that the right relationship can make your life such a better place to be?

Song 4 – Looking glass – The past is smoke upon the looking glass. Again, the theme is repeated – Keep moving forward. No matter what happens we can choose – today to put the past behind us and work together to make our lives better and pass that on to others by being the change.

I have to say this about James Ethington III – He has captured so much in these relatively short ditties. Love, Hope, making today better by remembering the past but staying in today. When you hear the yogis and Buddhists talk about “Mindfulness”, This is what it is all about. Stay in today, stay in the now. Do not fret about the past or project fears of what might happen in the future.

Rheacycle is such a great album. The acoustic simplicity, the flow of the music, the pleasantness of James’s voice, the mood I would say – Comfortable, Calming, Pleasant, and Easy. I love, also, the way it unobtrusively teaches a lesson without being preachy. Thank you, James Ethington, III, and Eric Gubala. Great job!

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